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We manufacture reliable workstation & personal computing equipment along with human & machine instructions crafted to maintain privacy, certainty, security, productivity, understanding, focus, and freedom for users traversing the realms of:
☠ communication & research
☠ calculation, analytics, & data mining
☠ programming & AI/ML training
☠ desktop publishing
☠ automation & industrial control
☠ Bitcoin-to-Human interface & e-commerce
☠ life/safety/mission critical systems

Our hardware manages & secures information faithfully, reveals state representations at the physical layer, and runs in a provably secure environment (interpreted/uncompiled code, Lisp/CADR machine-like architecture, airgapped validation/checksum components, non-volatile memory & garbage colection) for a truly epic, no-frills, no-BS, computing experience.

Contact: hello@symbolics.io or you can chat with our Red Team live on IRC freenode #symbolics-corp

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