Redwood Computer Company

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The Next Generation of Thinking Machines is Here

We make fine instruments crafted to amplify the mind & transport the imagination.

Our workstation & personal computing equipment bestows focus, certainty, security, understanding, productivity, and freedom upon developers & users traversing the realms of:

☠ Communication & Desktop Publishing
☠ Calculation, Arithmetic, Navigation, Data Mining
☠ Programming, Engineering, Design, Synthesis
☠ Research, Testing, Analytics
☠ Deep Learning & AI/ML Training
☠ Automation & Industrial Control
☠ Crypto-to-Human Interface & E-commerce
☠ Life/Safety/Mission Critical Systems

Powering a New Generation to Think & Explore Boldly

Contact: or you can chat with us live on IRC freenode #redwood-corp

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2019 Redwood Computer Company®

P.S. Hackers: Hit us up on IRC Bro!! HACK THE PLANET!!!